Our ongoing motto: Attention to detail


Company-profile-collage-cBehind our products and services is a decades old foundation built on one simple principle: We care.

We’re ‘The Local Guys’ … so naturally, we find ourselves competing against national brands and larger companies. To carve out a meaningful niche, we rely on good ol’ Minnesota ethics — and work just a little bit harder to earn your trust.

And we’ve been doing this successfully since 1945.

You’ll see this hard work in the form of excellent customer service, for starters. We work when you do, so call us anytime — mornings through late evenings. And even on weekend nights.

Next, we combine our service with hometown value and quality. Our products and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers, with just the right combination of first-rate quality, reasonable pricing and environmentally-friendly efficiency.

So get to know us. We hope to win you over with our attention to detail. You’re just that important to us.

A rich tradition in combining excellent service with value

Steven-cr-smallJack Kelly left his Irish roots in South Dakota at the age of 16, in search of the American Dream. He settled in Minneapolis. After his initial attempt at selling cars, Jack became interested in the beverage business.

Jack believed the town’s beverage business was ripe for tapping. His goal: Expand the beverage choice available to the local bars and restaurants. With this vision, Jack founded his company in 1945, which he called Carbonic Machines.

Established in Old Town Minneapolis, Jack initially developed three distinctive post-mix syrups. He placed his White Soda, Quinine and Tom Collins in gallon jugs and sold them fresh to local establishments.

To offer a more complete beverage package, Jack also delivered Coca-Cola® and CO2. To add ice to the mix, Jack sold ice machines. In fact, it was Jack who sold the very first commercial ice machine in Minnesota as the Scotsman® Ice Machine distributor.

To support his beverage business, Jack added a service branch, CMI Refrigeration. In the late 1960s, Jack continued to expand with Ace Ice, which initially produced about 3,000lbs of ice daily.

Jack sold the business to his sons and retired in 1982. During the last quarter century, David and Steven Kelly have made extensive changes to the business. Yet Jack’s vision of carving a niche as ‘The Local Guys’ and providing friendly, individualized service and product value to customers — this vision remains consistent to this very day.

Today, the company’s operations are located just one block from where Jack first started. We manufacture and package Ace Ice at our 2900 Fifth Ave. S. plant; our delivery trucks load product from this location, too. In addition, the Shamrock Group owns a warehouse facility at 2450 Minnehaha Ave., in Minneapolis, which is our base for administration, parts & service and our showroom. The Shamrock Group produces and/or distributes well over 100 different beverage flavors, 100 tons of ice daily and maintains a fleet of over 30 service and delivery trucks.

A foundation based upon the desire to be the Locals’ Choice, … to provide excellent customer service that stems from Steven and David’s Irish roots … a propensity to work hard … all this, combined with product distinction, quality and value … That’s the Shamrock Group.

Being ‘Local’ extends to our support, too

In addition to contributing packaged ice to numerous charities and charitable events throughout the year, the Shamrock Group lends financial and/or product support to the following Twin Cities (and/or neighborhood) organizations:

  • Animal Humane Society of Minneapolis
  • Banyan Community
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Second Harvest Heartland
  • Treehouse
  • Urban Ventures