Installations and Repair

We go well beyond the sale.

Equipment installation and startup is never the end of the line. We’re available to make things right when something isn’t functioning at peak performance. And better yet: We’re open each day, every day — and evenings — because we know you are, too.

Onsite Repair

Call us at 612.824.0745 when you need a technician on premise. You’ll always receive friendly and efficient expertise. This includes weekends, evening and holidays.

If the repair isn’t an emergency and you prefer to schedule it online, complete our Service Request Form.

Virtual Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you know the problem is something simple … if only you had some visual guidance. When this is the case, visit our troubleshooting videos:

Equipment Lease Program

We take care of your equipment so you can take of your guests.

The most cost effective, worry-free alternative is to take advantage of our lease/product programs, where you lease the equipment and buy all your product from us.

Our lease programs allow us to maintain your equipment throughout the entire duration of your 60-month Agreement, then also properly sync equipment with product, ensuring proper calibration, pressure checks, lubrication and leak checking.

Programs include:

  • Beverage Dispensing/Beverages
  • Ware Washing Equipment/Chemicals
  • Gas Equipment/Specialty Gases
  • Ice Makers and Bins/Ice
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Kelly Koolers

Equipment Care

Partner with us to avoid equipment downtime.

Everyone wants to extend the life and increase the efficiency of business assets. After all, equipment is your bread and butter more so than than the bread and butter you serve.

The Shamrock Group offers two services for keeping your assets in good shape:

Beverage Line Cleaning

Beverage lines require cleaning every two weeks to maintain great tasting beer. Our 10-Point Beverage Line Cleaning System is the most thorough in the Twin Cities.

Draught Guard Beer Line Treatment System

Installing this system will drastically reduce your need for traditional beer line cleaning services, typically from twice monthly to only once per quarter.

Click here for more details.

DraftChek Draft Beer Monitoring System

Take complete control of your usage and profit margins. Now you can monitor every aspect of your beer system – from glycol strength and pump flow rate to gas pressure to beer faucet usage. It’s the wave of the future.

Click here for more details.

Quarterly Maintenance Program (QMP)

We sold you the equipment. Now partner with us for the preventive upkeep. to keep machines at peak performance.

Special Events

We do the work. You have the fun.

Event success is all in the details. We can equip you with a variety of products that will ensure a great success.

  • Sodas and mixes (cans, bottles, cylinders or bag in the box)

  • CO2 cylinders

  • Helium for balloons

  • Specialty drink blenders

  • Packaged ice

  • Ice sculptures

  • Ice merchandisers and trailers

  • Portable bars

  • Portable draft beer system