Whatever you’re pouring, we deliver.

Still Beverages. Our comprehensive line of 100-plus beverage staples ensures you’ve got what’s needed for every drink request. From juices, energy drinks and teas to everything fruity, ginger beer and specialty drink mixes, every order will be made to perfection.

Sodas, Select from over 35 flavors throughout three brands — our own locally-made MinneSoda®, for a trendy, local and unique vibe. Then, Coca-Cola® products and Jones Soda® can serve as options.

Ready to Drink (RTD). Need cans or bottled soda? We also deliver RTD Coca-Cola, Seagram’s, Powerade and Monster Energy products in shrink-wrapped packs and cases.

For more details, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Juices, Mixers & More

Efficient packaging. Rich in flavor. Value priced over national brands.

MinneSoda Craft

Small batch quality. Made locally. Having MinneSoda on your menu to serve is something truly Minnesotan! Select from 18 delicious flavors in 2.5gal BIBs.


All the top sellers you and your customers expect, in 2.5 or 5gal BIBs

Jones Soda

For a change from the ordinary, this cult brand offers eight flavors in 3gal BIBs.

Ready to Drink

Ready to drink (RTD) Seagram’s, Monster Energy, and Coca-Cola products by the case, in a various sizes of cans and bottles.

Ice Products

For over 75 years, we have led the local ice market.

Ice has been one of our staples since 1945, having sold the first Scotsman in the state and building an ice plant, where each bag was filled manually.

Today, our manufacturing facility in Minneapolis equips state-of-the-art robotics and is the largest privately-owned ice plant in Minnesota, with well over 20,000 square feet of storage — half the size of a football field.

Come to us for packaged ice, crushed ice, ice blocks, dry ice, sculptures and premium cocktail ice.

For more details, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Packaged Cube Ice

The number of loyal customers we maintain, in itself, is testimony to the quality of Ace Ice. From Target, Walgreens and Speedway stores to Lunds & Byerlys and Kowalski’s — they all depend on Ace Ice — and you should, too.

Use our Store Locator to find where our 5lb and 18lb bags of cubed ice are sold. Simply click thePackagedcheckbox.

Use our Ice Calculator to determine how many pounds of ice you require for your specific need.

Block, Crushed and Dry

Also available: 10lb and 300lb blocks, crushed ice (35lb bags) and dry ice, in block and pellet form.

Use our Dry Ice Calculator to determine how many pounds of dry ice you require for your specific need..

Ice Sculptures

Limited only to your imagination, we create ice art for special events and occasions. Click here to view an assortment of our recent creations.

Premium Cocktail Ice

Turn an ordinary low ball into a work of art. Select from sphere, square, cylinder or shards. Make a highballs stand out using cocktail rods. Click here to take a closer look.

Use our Store Locator to find where our Cocktail Ice is sold. Simply click theCocktailcheckbox.


Indoor storage, beverage-grade quality.

The Shamrock Group knows just how important various gases are to your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of specialty gases, as well as efficient, clean, easy-to-dispense Bulk CO2. Plus a Beer Gas Rental Program.

For more details, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Bulk CO2

We have better bubbles: Accurate calibration, beverage-grade, clean storage and delivery right when you need it. Make it easy with our Bulk CO2 Equipment Rental Program.

Specialty Gases

Whatever you need, we have, in color-coded cylinders: Alley gas, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Argon and Acetylene.

Ensure the best tasting beer using our carefully calibrated beer gas and beer gas equipment rental program.

Liquid Nitrogen

Cocktails served using Liquid Nitrogen add flair (and profit). Come to us to get everything you need to serve these exotic specialty beverages.


We’re your one-stop shop for all chemicals.

If there’s ever a time in history that cleaning and sterilizing chemicals are essential to your bottom line, it’s now. Trust the Shamrock Group to know which products you need to ensure every detail is cared for.

We’ve partnered with Bloomington-based Sunburst Chemicals to provide well over 100 options to address a wide variety of cleaning needs.

And if the Sunburst products can’t do the trick, well … we’ve got more, including our own value-priced products.

For more details, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Sunburst Chemicals

Sunburst Chemicals has a comprehensive product line that addresses every cleaning need, whether it’s for the air, surfaces, floors, dishes, pots, laundry, hands … and more (and more).

Sunburst has perfected the design of solid-form dispensing, which is by far the most economical and efficient way to use cleaning chemicals.

Shamrock Group Chemicals

Our cost-efficient yet highly effective ware washing system: Detergent and rinse aid combo for either low temp or hard water. Our private-label line is 30% less than national brands.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro® Strips

Round the clock protection against fruit flies for up to four months. Each Fruit Fly Bar Pro strip treats a 100-200 cubic feet area.

Other options

But wait, there’s more! We also stock pouch and tablet cleaners, air fresheners, beer and beverage line cleaning products, water softener salt, nitrile gloves and urinal screens.