Beverage Dispensing

Perfect pours. Because we know the importance of your bottom line.

With expert design and installation, a variety of beverages can be combined into one efficient, attractive, fast-flowing dispensing tower. And whatever else you pour — sodas, juices, waters, specialty drinks and more — these, too, require reliable, efficient dispensing.

From initial design to the finished result, we create custom systems that are unique to each establishment we work with.

For more details, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Beer and Wine Systems

We’ll work with you to design exactly what you want, where you want it and how the beer system will look to you and your customers. Our workmanship goes well beyond the Twin Cities; we’ve designed and installed systems in Omaha, the Dakotas and as far as Glendale, AZ.

Beverage and Soda Dispensing

Gun service at the bar or push-button fountain style, whatever your setup, we can deliver.

Water Stations

A new trend is to offer a variety of waters — still, sparkling, flavored and/or ambient — in a specialty dispensing tower. We’ll design and install, including the water filtration.

Kitchen Essentials

An efficient kitchen equates to success at the front door.

Whether you opt to purchase or lease, we’ll be there for you every step on the way, from suitable equipment selection and installation, to maintenance and repair.

The most cost effective, worry-free alternative is to lease through our Equipment Lease Program. Our customers must agree: The Shamrock Group has well over 3,000 active leased pieces of equipment that we maintain through the seven-county metro area.

For more details about any of the equipment, systems and flooring we offer, refer to our 2024 Product Catalog.

Ware Washing

Tell us what you need and we’ll recommend what machines and racks work best.


The Kelly Kooler! Based on your needs, we’ll custom design and install coolers, freezers or combos, both the box and refrigeration.


For a highly durable, long lasting, non-porous floor surface, ProtectAll® Flooring is soft to the foot and resistant to staining and odors. Environmentally conscious product, made from recycled vinyl.

Specialty Gas Systems

No more fizzled-out drinks. Let us install a Bulk CO2 System for great tasting sodas and/or a Beer Gas System to ensure your beers are pint perfect, from first draw to last.

Water Filtration

Regardless the beverage, if water is involved, ensure it tastes pure and refreshing by investing in one of our water filtration systems.

Ice Makers

Select from several ice maker brands that we distribute, then follow up with a cleaning system to keep ice cubes pure and clear.