Our Vision

We are the Shamrock Group

Our Mission

To partner with our customers to ensure they operate at continuous peak performance, by providing well-designed, skillfully installed systems that encompass our beverage, ice, cleaning and refrigeration products.

Our Promise

With Attention to Detail, we continuously strive to deliver quality-yet-value-priced products and services in a timely fashion – day and night, seven days a week – with friendliness, knowledge and respect.

Each time, every time.

Our Vision

To establish the Shamrock Group as a relevant partner to our customers who, because of our excellent customer service and quality products, will have us on speed dial before each interaction, will say ‘Wow’ during each interaction and speak highly of us to others after each interaction.

The Shamrock Group employs over 100 dedicated individuals who team together to bring our customers the products and equipment they need. About 85% of our customers are either a restaurant or bar, while the remaining 15% include such institutions as schools, universities, hospitals, athletic venues, prisons, and governmental facilities.