We’re the ‘local guys,’ which means we try just a little bit harder.

The story of the Shamrock Group is the story of how we can partner with you in various ways – from the moment you open up for early morning prep to when the doors lock at night.

That’s sounds great, yes? But let’s get down to the meat of believability:

Why should you do business with the Shamrock Group?

Valid question — and here’s our answer —

History. When you partner with us, you receive the assurance of a well-established company that has extensive expertise in every aspect of what we sell and do.

Vision. We seek out or manufacture only the best-quality-at-the-best-value products, then pay attention to details on how we make them, store them, deliver, price, install, repair and maintain.

Accountability. Our attention to detail also flows into how we understand the benefits of good citizenship, to both our community and the environment. After all, if there wasn’t community, there would be no us.

Furthermore, with our daily attention to value, when we operate at peak performance by employing various energy-savings initiatives, you benefit in the trickle-down pricing effect.

Feedback. And if you need more assurance than what we say of ourselves, listen to what others say.


Besides all over town … where will you find us?

From St. Cloud to Rochester, and from Buffalo to River Falls … you just might see any number of our delivery trucks and service vans.

But yes, we do have two spots we call home base.

Regardless of how or where, we welcome connecting with you — as we do now with our 5,000+ accounts.

2450 Minnehaha Ave. Administrative offices in Minneapolis.

2900 Fifth Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Manufacturing, ice sales, inventory and distribution

Solana Garbow, Customer Service Specialist. Meet the face behind the voice that responds to calls during business hours, Monday – Friday.

Plant Facility

Location: 2900 5th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408
Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm Daily

  • Ice manufacturing
  • Walk-in ice sales
  • MinneSoda manufacturing
  • Inventory and distribution


Location: 2450 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm Daily

  • Showroom
  • Service and parts
  • Equipment repair
  • Administration
  • Warehouse


Forms and Applications


To establish an account with the Shamrock Group, we request you complete —

  1. Account Application form

  2. Minnesota ST3

  3. Federal W-9

  4. Direct Debit Form (optional)


To schedule non-emergency service or preventive maintenance, call us at 612.824.0745 or complete the Service Request Form.