We’re Minnesota’s ‘Local Craft’ soda.

There’s nothing like adding locally produced products to your menu to make a statement about supporting the community.

So why not MinneSoda? We focus on the most important factors — great taste and excellent service. ‘Homegrown’ uniqueness at prices that are well below the national brands.

MinneSoda is manufactured at our facility in Old Town Minneapolis, using stainless steel vats and recipes that have been with the company for decades. Flavor and quality ingredients are timeless.

The best way to serve sodas: Fountain gun style with bag in the box storage back of the house. MinneSoda is available in 2.5-gallon boxes. 

Appealing flavor is just part of the equation for great soda. The Shamrock Group provides the entire system that includes water filtration, bulk CO2 and dispensing equipment — and then calibrates the equipment to ensure perfect carbonation and full-bodied taste.

Something else we never skimp on: Rich color in the flavors we create. Strawberry Soda is just one of 18 flavors we produce.