Gas rental programs

The most economical, clean and and easy system for CO2 usage.

Shamrock Beer Gas is a blend of just the right amount of CO2 and Nitrogen gases so each pour is perfect, from first keg to last drop.

The Vaporman 125 Manifold Vaporizer is a compact modular vaporizer used in conjunction with a high flow CO2 tank to provide warm CO2 gas to the point of use.

Beverage-Grade Bulk CO2 System Rental Program. Select from three flow rates: Medium (300-450lbs), High (750lbs) or Turbo (1,000lbs). System includes:

  • Bulk tank

  • Fill box

  • Service lines

  • Changeover valve

  • Regulator

  • CO2 leak indicator

Beer Gas Rental Program. We know you have specific needs when it comes to what kinds of beers you’re pouring. That’s why we offer three options of beer gas:

  • Pure N2 Package. Offers unlimited keg capacity, twin blend capability for stout and lager blends. Uses pure N2 in cylinders.

  • N2U Package. Includes an Nitrogen Generator; 5-16 kegs/hour capacity. Requires a Nitrogen Twin Blender that can be rented by us or purchased.

The McDantim Trumix 2 Mix Gas Blender is included in the Pure N2 Beer Gas Rental, which has unlimited keg capacity.

The MilCarb N2U Nitrogen Generator is included in the N2U Beer Gas Rental, which has a capacity to handle 5-16 gallon kegs/hour.