Cocktail ice

It’s only fitting that we’d introduce cocktail ice to the market; after all, we’re the ice experts — and have been so for over 75 years.

Create beverage art using our selection, which includes round, square, cylinder, rods and ice shards.

We use state-of-the-art NSF-conformed ice cutting equipment to ensure absolute purity.

Square, sphere, cylinder and rod options. Square and sphere are 2 inches in diameter while the cylinder style is closer to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Ice shards vary but are around 2 inches in diameter.

Retail Packs sold at liquor and grocery stores.  Convenient re-sealable packaging ensures freshness and convenience.

For Liquor and Grocery Stores: Retail Packs

  • Cubed, 10-count pack

  • Sphere, 5-count pack

  • Cylinder, 6-count pack

  • Rod, 5-count pack

  • Ice Shards, 3.5lb pack

For Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Clubs: Box or Bag

  • Cubed, 216-count box
  • Sphere, 125-count box
  • Cylinder, 125-count box
  • Rod, 50-count bag
  • Ice Shards, 30-40 count 10lb bag

NEW to our line of Cocktail Ice: Rods, which are 4.5in tall x 1.25in in diameter.

Bulk Purchase alternative for restaurants, bars and clubs. Boxes with honeycomb-style packaging for maximum protection against breakage.

Merchandising Freezer Program

The Shamrock Group offers a program in which we can offer a merchandising freezer (right) when you commit to purchasing our cocktail ice. Details vary depending on what category you are in:

  • Liquor or grocery store: Sell our Retail Packs
  • Restaurants, bars and clubs: Bulk purchasing

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