Blender usage program

Blender Usage Program



The SpecialtyBeverage Blender Usage Program is a partnership. The more product you purchase from the Shamrock Group — to be used in the blender for such drinks as smoothies, daiquiris, power shakes, and margaritas — the more you save on renting the blender from us.

Purchase enough product from us and the rent is free.

We offer two different blenders with this program: The SB3X Shaver and the Taylor 430 Mixer. Your Shamrock Group Account Manager can assist in deciding which blender is best for your needs.

Eligible products for this program —

  • Island Oasis

  • Maui Blends

  • Dr. Smoothie

Year-round usage

This starts with a one-time installation fee that is added to an annual blender fee (can be paid in a one-time or monthly installment). You receive a rental credit amount for every case of product you purchase; this credit is applied toward reducing the rental fee.

Seasonal usage

This program benefits you if you plan to serve specialty drinks for only a few months during the year. The program is similar to the year-round user; the difference comes in with the monthly rental fee (higher). This program is not available to customers outside the seven-county metro area.

NOTE: If you own or rent an SB3X Blender and want to have a troubleshooting guide, click here.