Beyond the product: Blend with speed and ease

Let us provide you the blender when you buy specialty beverage mixers from the Shamrock Group. Depending on how much product you purchase, you’ll be eligible for using a blender free of charge or at a low monthly rental fee.

  • Year-Round and Seasonal programs available
  • Eligible purchased products for Blender Program —
    • MinneMixers
    • Maui Blends
    • Dr. Smoothie
    • Island Oasis
    • Minute Maid
  • Blender choices —
    • SB3X Blender. 27in H x 16in D x 14in W, 6.7amp
    • Taylor 430 Mixer. 28in H x 28in D x 16.5in W, 7.6amp
  • Also available for purchase —
    • VitaMix 44542
    • Shamrock Blender


blender-small-b     taylor-blender     ShamrockBlender