To pour the best-tasting beer, start with the best system.



We understand that you need complete assurance that your beer systems will pour perfectly and steadily, from first drop to last — every day, year after year. At the Shamrock Group, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Just the right temperature, the right collar, the right taste. Whether you’re pouring a stout, lager or anything else. Depend on Shamrock Beer Systems to keep the festivities — and profits — going.


Our custom beer systems include such exceptional features as —

  • Shamrock Stainless Steel* T-Tower
  • Shamrock Beer Line
    • Barrier tubing to ensure flavors don’t bleed
    • USDA and NSF Approved
  • Shamrock Power Pack
    • Pump and motor mounted on exterior for easy access
    • Long-life durability
  • Shamrock Custom Beer Gas Blender
    • On-site gas blending saves time and money
    • Guaranteed perfect mix accuracy
    • No keg contamination; blender stops if one gas runs low
    • Lifetime guarantee
  • Profit Guard
    • Stops beer flow after a keg empties
    • Keeps supply lines full at all times
    • Significantly reduces wasted beer
  • Dual-temp pouring option
  • Backed by 24/7 Shamrock Group service, 365 days a year

Having problems with your beer system? Visit our FAQ for troubleshooting tips.

*Other finishes available.

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