Doing good. Doing green.

EnergyEffcy-GrassPlugInThere’s more Green to see with the Shamrock Group than merely our company logo.

Who we are and what we do — it goes beyond our products and services. Success, we believe, starts with good citizenship. With every major decision made, we weigh the environmental and energy-efficiency impacts to ensure we ‘do good’ for our environment.

Our commitment to the environment and energy efficiency emerges in a variety of ways.
We’d love to tell you how …

Ice cube and mintIf you need even more reasons to buy Minneapolis-made Ace Ice, consider the following:

  • Unlike our competitors, we don’t use reverse-osmosis — a process that wastes anywhere between 1.6 and 2.7 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of pure water.
  • We use top-grade water that originates in Minnesota’s Northern Woods. The City of Minneapolis has been listed for many years as one of the Top 10 municipalities for having the cleanest water.
  • Ace Ice has invested heavily in a process that ensures we catch any foreign substances during production to avoid product recalls, which is a waste of several resources — including water, packaging, labor and electricity.
  • Our state-of-the-art process — the most environmentally friendly for the industry — uses roll stock to drastically reduce waste. Heat sealing avoids using metal or plastic closing devices.
  • Unlike many ice manufacturers who “frost” their ice bags, Ace Ice uses clear bags — not only so customers can see the product but also to reduce the amount of printed ink, which is harder to dispose.

iStock_Tree-RecycleTriangle-BlueSkyWe can’t help but be mechanically minded at the Shamrock Group. Between our machinery and a large fleet of trucks, we’re proud as peacocks to be thought of as grease monkeys.

And with all this machinery, we strive for maximum output and efficiency with everything that … well, goes “Whirrrr.”

  • Shamrock Group’s 90,000 square-foot plant uses no natural gas, propane or fuel oil to heat this facility. Rather, we developed a highly efficient process whereby we reclaim heat from our ice manufacturing compressors to heat the entire building.
  • We’re considered an “Xcel Primary Energy User” — which means that we purchases only “raw” power. It’s up to us to convert it to useable power. Purchasing our energy in this manner reduces waste and our overhead … savings we can pass on to our customers.
  • If the surrounding community needs additional power, the Shamrock Group responds. When necessary, Xcel will call on us to decrease our energy usage. We can shut down 100% for 6-10 hours by depending on our well insulated facilities and backup energy source — a water-cooled, low RPM generator.
  • Rather than to use fuel or electricity to keep product frozen during deliveries, the Shamrock Group conserves energy by using glycol-refrigerated cold plates within most of its delivery trucks. Electricity is used only during non-delivery hours to rejuvenate the freezers.
  • The Shamrock Group has developed a monitoring system that can track how delivery personnel are driving — how fast, how quickly they accelerate, decelerate, etc. Not only does this system monitor driver safety, it also provides data regarding fuel efficiency.
  • All trucks are turned off during delivery to conserve fuel.
  • All tires are checked daily on delivery fleet vehicles to ensure optimum fuel efficiency.