The efficient clean

We go beyond simply selling cleaning chemicals. Shamrock Group has teamed with Sunburst Chemicals to offer you a complete cleaning process. Using the right chemicals ensures you’re getting the most energy efficient, cost saving, and environmentally-friendly clean—whether your need is with a commercial kitchen or laundry-related.

Combine Sunburst Chemicals with ADS Ware Washing Equipment for a winning combination.

  • DfE* Certified chemicals for:
    • Grease Traps
    • Hand Soaps
    • Heavy Duty/Specialty
    • Laundry
    • Pot & Pan (Sink) Detergents
    • Pre-Soaks
    • Ware Washing
  • Surface Cleaning Solutions
  • Janitorial Solutions
  • Laundry Solutions
  • Solid and Liquid Formulas
  • C-Store Programs

*Designed for the Environment


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