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Six important reasons why the
Shamrock Beer System is the best
money can buy.

From faucet to keg, Shamrock Beer System's
attention to detail saves you money.

A Shamrock Beer System pours at just the right temperature with just the right head, protects your back-room investment, saves you money — and we back up everything with fast, reliable service.

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Here are six excellent reasons why a Shamrock Beer system is a wise business investment:

  1. State of the art Shamrock Towers
  2. Constant cold block provides consistent pours

  3. Unique Shamrock Trunk Lines

  4. User-friendly Shamrock Power Pack Refrigeration Unit
  5. Shamrock Custom Blender for maximum protection

  6. Unrivaled service 

Learn more about all three of our Shamrock Exclusives!

  • Turbo Tap
  • Dual Temperature Pouring
  • Shamrock Beer System 3-Tier Gas Program

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